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Google Photos’ map view gets timeline feature as well

Google added the map view to Google Photos, one of the most-requested features so that you can explore which photos you took when you were at different locations. Google introduced this feature as part of Google Photos redesign back in June this year, and now it has done an enhancement around the same.

Google Photos already allows you to see where you’ve taken the most photos around the world. Now, with the latest update, it has enabled Maps timeline as well so that you can see the path you took through the world. You can see what route you took and the pictures you snapped along the way. The timeline is shown using a blue path.

Google Photos' map view gets timeline feature as well - Opsule blog

You can relive the memories you created some years back while traveling to your favorite destination. And, as you follow the route, it will also show you the pictures you took so that you can have a fun time.

To use this feature, go to the Search tab on the home page of Google Photos. A new warning popup will explain that Maps timeline has been added to the map, along with a link explaining the new feature

This timeline feature in Google Photos is similar to what you see in the Google Maps app already. The latter has been showing every place you have ever been to.