WhatsApp Group Audio and Video Call Allows More than Four People

WhatsApp Group Audio and Video Call Allows More than Four People

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, several companies and government authorities have switched to video conferencing all over the world. Currently, only 4 persons can participate in a video call which means much less than what some rivals are supplying.

WhatsApp group video allows more than 4 people

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new feature that will allow more participants on both group audio and group video calls. While the new number of users will certainly be greater than the current limit of four, it is not quite clear as to what might be the new user limit for WhatsApp‘s group calling feature.

As per the source, the feature will be out soon.


The move comes at a time when the likes of Microsoft‘s Teams and Skype Now, Google’s Duo and Meet, and the widely discussed Zoom are seeing a steady surge in usage by virtue of individuals across the world working from home. Apps such as Google’s Duo have actually currently upped the optimum variety of individuals on a video call by 50%.


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Strings of code that have been discovered through a deep dive inside WhatsApp’s latest beta release have revealed that the service is preparing to up its maximum number of participants on a group audio or video call as well, in the near future. Currently, the limit is four participants, which is way less than what some competitors are offering.



The company is yet to reveal how many users will finally be able to join the group call when the new calling feature is rolled out globally. All participants will have to be on the most recent WhatsApp version for iOS and Android to be able to participate in a bigger group call.

Hopefully, it’s going to be a significant change, and not just going from 4 to 6 or something along those lines. We should officially find out soon enough.