Must watch arab movies on Netflix 2023

Must Watch Arab Movie on Netflix 2023


Must watch Arab Movie on Netflix 2023

If you are looking for a good movie then you are at the right place. Farha is a must watch Arab movie on Netflix 2023. It’s a palestinian based movie.

Farha is an amazing movie to watch if you are interested in realistic movie. It will not just entertain you but also make you think about life and its problems. Hope you enjoy watching it!

Books/ Movies that always got a way to gash my heart and disturb my peace of mind has always been uncovered truths about the lives and deaths of innocents. The fact that it is not just a story but a living reality for some, what we read for hours are suffering faced by individuals for days and months, and years. the fact that a lot happening in some corners and the public that calls themselves peacemakers chose to turn a blind eye towards them.

Must watch Arab Movie on Netflix 2023

Farha is a movie about a 14-year-old girl in Palestine. Directed by Darin J Sallem, The movie was released in 2021, it got aired on Netflix recently and started getting a massive uproar. As usual from one side it is the anti-Palestinians and Israelis who are beseeching Netflix to take down the movie because according to them it is creating abusive and fake concepts about the “Israel government” and from the other side, there are normal humans who are watching it and appreciating Netflix as well as the movie for creating awareness on what is really happening in one corner of the world and what happened.


Farha is a 14-year-old girl who dreams of going to the city. Because at that time women weren’t provided with education. So at last after all the chaos and opposition from other elders in the village yet her father let her go and pursue her dream to study.

But then out of the blue, there was an explosion while Farha and her friend Fareeda (who is studying in the city) were sitting on swings under the village fig tree. Both of them ran back to see soldiers, smoke, and fire erupting. Fareeda’s father took both of them and placed them in the car.

Farha wasn’t able to go whilst leaving her dad over there, so she jumps out of the car and runs to her dad so her dad lets her stay there with him, but then again when the soldiers came, her dad hid her inside the storage room and went to fight the armed soldiers, but never came back, she got stuck inside the storage for days and nights without water, she thirsted herself to death.

One day she heard the voice of some people so she peeped through the hole to see a family with two kids entering her house, she watched them for a while and the women gave birth to an infant from there. she called them out to help her get out of the storage room so that man started helping but then all of a sudden Israeli armed forces invaded the house and shot them to death didn’t even spare the kids.

How traumatizing is this to watch for a 14-year-old girl? she stayed that night inside the storage room with dead people outside. the next morning she went crazy and pulled out everything in the storage room to find a gun so she shot it at the door and escaped to find that the whole village is vandalized and there isn’t a single living being in there. she just wandered like a hollow ghost through her village to find destroyed swings under the fig tree, and waterfalls with no giggles and waves of laughter. she walked..and she find her heart and mind die from each step she took.


In the end, the film crew confirmed that her father died during that first nakba and she reached Syria. The main goal of this movie is to raise awareness of the challenges Palestinians have faced since 1948, not to provide much entertainment.

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Must watch Arab Movie on Netflix 2023