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Amnesty Warns PL over Newcastle United Takeover by Saudi Prince

The Newcastle United are on the verge of being sold to a Saudi-backed consortium that involves Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman for around £300 Million ($368 Million).

The chief executive of the Qatar-based TV giant beIN Sport, Yousef al-Obaidly, has written to the chairs of top-flight clubs about the deal, which could see the Newcastle United bought by a Saudi-backed consortium.

Newcastle takeover: Amnesty International warns Premier League

Amnesty International has warned the Premier League that it “risks becoming a patsy” unless it takes a serious look at Saudi Arabia‘s human rights record in connection with the proposed takeover of Newcastle United.

It was reported on Tuesday that a non-refundable deposit of £17 Million has already been paid to current owner Mike Ashley as part of the deal. The Premier League must decide if the new owners meet the criteria in its owners and directors test.

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Amnesty, a global non-governmental organization that seeks to prevent abuses of human rights, said that unless the league provides thorough justification for its decision to approve the takeover, it risks damaging its own reputation.

Amnesty International UK director Kate Allen has sent a letter to Premier League chief executive Richard Masters spelling out the concerns of the organization.

“So long as these questions (concerning Saudi Arabia’s human rights record) remain unaddressed, the Premier League is putting itself at risk of becoming a patsy of those who wants to use the glamour and prestige of Premier League football to cover up actions that are deeply immoral,” she said in the letter.

Amnesty has also previously criticized the UAE‘s investment into defending English champions Manchester City as an attempt to sports washes the state’s image.