Kia Mohave Gravity by Opsule

Kia Mohave Gravity Is The New Flagship Version In South Korea

We can’t deny that the Kia Mohave is getting old. The Mohave, which is sold as the Borrego in the United States, has already begun losing out to the fresher competitors but it doesn’t look like Kia is giving up on the fast-aging model anytime soon.

The Kia Mohave received a pretty comprehensive facelift last year in its home market, which brought in an extensive redesign that substitutes for the second-generation update but now, it looks like the company has realized that the refreshed styling isn’t enough and hence, the Kia has given the Mohave a new flagship variant that is Kia Mohave Gravity.

Kia Mohave Gravity by Opsule
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What makes this move really interesting is that the new model arrives barely a year after the comprehensive facelift that the SUV received last year. 2020 Kia Mohave Gravity has gone on sale in South Korea and could even make it to several other markets the SUV is sold in.

While the updates carried by the new model aren’t extensive by any stretch of the imagination, they still manage to inject some more freshness to the SUV.

Kia Mohave Gravity Specifications

The new model features a revised radiator grille, which gives the SUV a cleaner look owing to the lack of the chrome fangs. What’s more, the Gravity edition also gets black-painted 20-inch rims.

Kia Mohave Gravity by Opsule
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The updates are a lot more comprehensive on the inside. The steering wheel, the door panels, and even the centre box compartment come wrapped in Alcantara and the doors have been added with ambient LED lights to further spruce up the cabin.

These lights are also found below the dashboard to make things more interesting. Also, the Gravity edition comes with bigger 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment.

The Kia Mohave Gravity model is on sale in 5-, 6-, and 7-seat configurations in South Korea, with the 6-seater version being the most expensive model with a price tag of 56,520,000 won (approx. USD 46,335).

The 5-seater version is priced at 55,470,000 won (approx. $45,475). While official details on the launch of the Gravity edition in the United States aren’t available as of now, it won’t be surprising to see the carmaker release the special model in the US market.