types of communication

Types of communication

In a new place? What is it that bothers you the most? Communication? How do you communicate with fellow beings? Gestures? Or by symbols? There are different types of communication ,of which language is the most significant mode of communication. It is by the use of language that people communicate and build relationships within a community. There are approximately 7000 languages in the world of which, some are similar to others ,while some are totally unique.

Communication is a key essential of a society and language is the most essential aspect of communication. Different people use different types of communication to convey their thoughts.Different people speaking a common language developed into a community. When people from different backgrounds communicate, the most difficult barrier they will have to face is the difficulty of language.

Cultural identity is dependent on many factors of which , language stands at the top. Knowing a language automatically creates a sense of oneness with the people who speak the same language. Getting accustomed to a new language can be daunting and challenging ,at the same time interesting.

Importance of language learning

  • Helps to express thoughts and feelings.
  • Enables communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds.
  • Helps to understand different cultures and ways of thinking.
  • Essential for education and learning
  • Important for travelling and exploring the world
  • Socializing and building rapport.

Do the languages have a way of learning?

There are different ways to learn a language.Language learning can be acquired either by formal training with detailed learning of grammar and vocabularies. There are some words which cannot be translated into the native language literally. Some resort to watching movies and series for language learning. Some people grasp the language quite easily by interacting with native speakers though it may be challenging and emotionally draining.

different types of communication

Effective uses of language

  • Appropriate use of words
  • Clarity in the usage of words
  • Usage of words according to the audience.(use polite words while talking to elders and strangers)
  • Being open to criticisms and learning through listening and observations.

Types of communication

  • Verbal communication
  • Nonverbal communication

Verbal communication is the exchange of thoughts ,information and feelings through speech or spoken words. The output of verbal communication depends on the way words are put forth.

Nonverbal communication is conveying messages without the use of words. Nonverbal communication can be gestures or facial expressions. Understanding the gestures is vital for nonverbal communication.
Body language and mannerisms also come under nonverbal communication,however there arise a problem of ambiguity as different body languages can be interpreted differently by different people. For instance,playing with fingers can indicate shyness for some ,while for others it may indicate boredom and disinterest.

Written communication

Nonverbal communication also includes communicating by way of writing. There are many forms of written communication. Some of them are:

  • Email
  • Text messages
  • Notes and letters
  • Blogs
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines

Written communication skills require ability to read and write as well as vivid presentation of the matter. Proper use of grammar and punctuation is important for written communication. Wrong punctuation marks and usage of punctuation marks at the wrong place can make the whole message go wrong.

Oral or verbal communication also includes communicating through media. Radio and television act as a key medium of communication. Apart from these, print media are also a very informative mode of communication and aid in imparting knowledge.

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