All you need to know about Atherstack 5.0 and it's new auto hold feature

All you need to know about Atherstack 5.0 and it’s new auto hold feature

On February 1st Ather Energy introduced new updates for Ather 450 x 450 electric scooter on its marquee customer event.

All you need to know about Atherstack 5.0 and it's new auto hold featureThe Ather Community Event,one of Ather’s first customer event of the year, got things started. Ather released Atherstack 5.0, the company’s largest software update to date, at the event.

Now the new update will ensure that the owners of this electric scooter can now access to its recent upgrades.

The biggest feature update that ather has added is the AutoHold function. This feature automatically stops the scooter from rolling down the hills without the rider constantly having to apply breaks.

The new update includes a smoother ride and better handling. The company has come up with several new upgrades to enhance user convenience.

This electric scooter also enhanced the charging option with a charger optimizer. The scooter automatically stops charging once it reaches 80% of charge, this prevents the battery from being damaged due to overcharging.

The company also redesigned the dashboard. Swipe gestures are replaced with tap interactions which will reduce the time and effort required to complete the actions on the dashboard.

Along with that it also installed new vectors map powered by google with real-time traffic monitoring.Ather

This will function just like google maps on cars with the Android Auto Platform. Ather is one of the few vehicles which provide a real-time user navigation system. Now Ather 450x is also known for being the only scooter with google maps.
The company  also launched four new colors in the scooter, cosmic black, lunar grey, salt grey, and ravishing red are now the four new colors available on the 2023 Ather 450x.

In extension to all this, it also introduced the extended warranty program with a plan, where the guarantee of the battery is extended for an additional 5 years or 60,000 kilometers whichever comes first.