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Facebook takes on TikTok with new ‘Collabs’ music video app for iOS

Facebook has made Collab available publically for everyone on iOS. It is an experimental application that went under invite-based beta testing around May 2020. The aim of the app is to help musicians collaborate with each other virtually but one does need to have knowledge about music to use it.

The Facebook app provides users with three short music videos that are independent of each other. The maximum duration of these clips can be 15 seconds. A user can then merge these three clips to create a single music video. If you do not like any or all of the three clips, you can browse other available clips by swiping across the rows. It is essentially a mix and match process until you are satisfied with the end result.

The app even lets users make use of their own musical creations if they want to. All of the created collabs are shared on a feed visible to the public. It should be noted that whatever that you will share your own on the app will be accessible for others to collab with. The whole idea of the app is to bring people together and make collab musical videos.

The official announcement says all the users will get credited properly in all the collabs so that no one’s work gets stolen. Another thing to note is that the app offers in-built syncing support. It means as a user, you do not have to worry about fiddling through editing tools to get the whole music and composition correct for all three video clips.