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7 most popular anime to watch in 2023

Hello there! Welcome to the world of anime!

Are you looking for a good anime to start with? Anime is getting more popular now that many video streaming channels like Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll etc started airing it with subs and dubs. 2023 wouldn’t be awesome without some really good animes to binge-watch on. 2022 has bought engaging new animes like spy x family and chainsaw man among others. Here are the top 7 animes to watch. these animes have always been consistently ranked the best.

  • Attack on Titan ( season 4 part 3)Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan finale part of season 3 is what the anime world is eagerly waiting for. Attack on Titan is one of the most popular anime and manga series written by Hajime Isayama. The first three seasons which consist of 59 episodes were produced by Wit Studio, and MAPPA took over the fourth season. The final season of this series will be aired on March 4.

The series has also gained a large amount of passionate and devoted fan base and has been adapted into a variety of media, including several anime, video games, and live-action movies.

  • Ranking of Kings / Osama Rankingu ( season 2 )7 most popular to watch in 2023

Ranking of Kings premiered its first season in 2021 and announced the release of season 2 in 2023. The story is about Prince Bojji who is deaf and powerless and makes a friend named Kage. Ranking of Kings is one of the best anime in 2022 and also one of the best among fantasy series. It has the ability to tear up one’s emotions with seemingly less effort.

  • Tokyo Revengers ( season 2 ) Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo revengers manga and anime are written and created by Ken Wakui. The anime adaption of Tokyo Revengers was released in 2021, and it got a real good positive feedback from fans and critics. The series is based on a man who time travels into his past in order to prevent the death of his ex-girlfriend and change the course of his life. Tokyo Revengers season 2 premiered on January 8, 2023.

  • Spy x Family ( season 2 )Spy x Family

The story begins with a spy named Twilight who is given the task to spy on some political people and he creates a fake family in order to get into the elite school where he can get access to the family of this political people. The series is a combination of action comedy drama. The story is known for its engaging characters, unique plot twists, and emotional depths. The season 2 of this manga-adapted anime series will premiere by the end of 2023.

  • Vinland Saga ( season 2 )Vinland saga

“Vinland Saga” created by Makoto Yukimara. The story is about a young Viking warrior, Thorffin who seeks revenge against the man who killed his father. As Thorffin grows older he begins to question the true meaning of victory.

The first season of Vinland Saga’s anime adaption was released in July 2019. It is known for its high quality animation, Intense action scenes, and storytelling. Season 2 of this anime was released on January 2023 and is still ongoing.

  • One Piece anime

One Piece is that anime that fans are going to miss so damn badly once it is over. The story is about a man named Luffy who has rubber-like abilities and his dream to find the greatest treasure and to become the King of Pirates. Along the way, he makes lots of friends and assembles a crew of pirates and also faces a lot of challenges. The series premiered in 1999 and has hit above 1000 episodes and is still an ongoing series. The power of this anime is that once you reach the 200th episode then you can’t stop watching it. One Piece will become one of those priorities in life.




  • Dr.Stone ( season 3 )Dr stone

Season 3 of Dr.Stone is announced and it is set to premiere in April 2023. Dr.Stone has attracted a large audience due to their way of demonstrating the power of science and technology and human ingenuity. It is about two high school students set to rebuild humanity after humanity was petrified for over 3700 years.