Fitbit Smartwatches for kids by opsule

Fitbit Smartwatches for Kids with 4G will Launch in 2020

Even though Fitbit has been in the wearable space for over a decade, the company is still relatively fresh to the kids market. That’s about to change soon. Fitbit is reportedly developing a new 4G smartwatch that is solely aimed at children.

Fitbit Smartwatches for Kids

The company had acquired Chinese smartwatch brand Doki technologies, which launched the self-proclaimed “most advanced kids smartwatch” that boasted video calling along with tracking features. Soon Fitbit will Launch Fitbit Smartwatches for Kids.

Fitbit Smartwatches for kids by opsule
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Doki Technologies has informed customers that it’s disconnecting older devices on 1 July and that the deal with Fitbit was formalized in October 2019, before the buyout by Google.

Fitbit Smartwatches for kids by opsule
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Last year, Fitbit launched the Ace 2 Fitness Tracker that came with fitness tracking features but had no safety-related options. Additionally, Ace 2 comes with sleep tracker, 5 days of battery life, and several kids mode.

Apple is also working on a Kids Mode in watchOS 7.

The GPS tracking market for kids is populated by brands that are far from household names – a quick rundown of the biggest players reveals Doki, Vtech, Xplora, Verizon, and Omate to be the top dogs.

If parents saw Fitbit, Apple, or other big-name brands among that list, they could be far more likely to jump in.