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Foldable iPhone: Is Apple planning to release one in 2022?

A new report has surfaced online that corroborates foldable iPhone launch claims for 2022. The report is coming from Digitimes which expects Apple to enter the foldable smartphone segment in two years. It says that this will boost the demand for flexible OLED displays where Samsung is the leading supplier.

Foldable iPhone in 2022

Apple entering the foldable market will undoubtedly be a huge thing. We have seen Apple takes its time to do things but when it does, it is usually worth the wait. It will be interesting to see exactly what it would do better than others in the foldable segment.

The report mentions that Apple has already begun testing glass panels for a device that would be the first-ever foldable iPhone. It will be a cross between the iPhone and the iPad mini. This essentially means is that Apple will end up killing the iPad mini once it announces the foldable iPhone for the market. If this is true, we could even see the device running iPadOS instead of iOS.

The base model of the iPhone will feature 8GB RAM and 256GB of onboard storage. We know that Apple products are some of the most expensive gadgets on the planet and this rumored device will be no different. It is reported that the foldable iPhone will cost $1,499 for the base model which is expensive but considering it is a foldable device, this is pretty much the standard pricing for all OEMs.