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Google Lens will now allow users to copy and paste handwritten notes to computer

Google Lens has introduced a new feature that would allow users to copy handwritten texts from phone to computer. Google is rolling out the new feature for its Android and iOS users.

Google Lens allows to copy and paste handwritten notes

Google addresses that these new features are more helpful when you’re staying at home due to the lockdown caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

While giving a mention of how useful Lens is in most of the situations, Google welcomes new features. The first one is to copy text from paper to your laptop. Currently, you can copy and paste text from paper notes and documents to your phone to save them.

Google lens by opsule
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Now, you can take a step further in case you want to paste that copied text to your computer. After copying text from the paper you just have to tap “Copy to computer” to quickly paste it on another signed-in device from Chrome.

This means copying text to your computer requires the latest version of Chrome and for both devices to be signed into the same Google account.

This could be a really useful tool for college students as it is the easiest way for them to convert their handwritten notes into well-informed pieces using the Google Lens.

For working professionals, who take notes during meetings can also use this tool to send the minutes of the meetings without having to type the entire thing again. However, having neat and readable handwriting is very important for people who want to use this tool. If your handwriting is bad, even Google will not be able to copy your stuff without typos.

Google lens by opsule
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The next newly-added feature to Google Lens is the ability to pronounce new words. Another important feature that Google rolled out will allow users to learn new phases. If you come across a word that you don’t understand, Google Lens can help you understand it.

With in-line Google Search results, you can also select phrases that you understand to learn more. Google Lens is available in the Google app for iPhone users and the Google Lens app for Android users.