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Mercedes-Benz A-class Limousine, new GLA Will be Launched in 2020

After a relatively quiet 2019, Mercedes will bring in the flagship GLS SUV and all-electric EQC at the end of 2020. The German marque started the year with four product launches in rapid succession in its very first quarter and moving forward, it is looking to build on the momentum ahead.

Despite the challenges presented by the coronavirus pandemic, Mercedes remains firm on its product plans for 2020. “We are committed to launching every new car that we said at the beginning of the year.

There is no stagnation in terms of our investment for new products, but it all depends on when the lockdown arises. Maybe as soon as this happens, we can all concentrate on the production of the new car, ”commented Iyer.

Mercedes-Benz A-Class Limousine launch in Q3 2020

Mercedes-Benz A-class by Opsule
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The Mercedes-Benz A-class Limousine will replace the CLA and serve as the entry-point into the luxury carmaker’s India portfolio. Compared to the outgoing four-door coupe, a key differentiator for the Mercedes-Benz A-class will be the improved comfort and space for rear-seat passengers.

The sedan will be offered with petrol and diesel engine options, and there’ll also be the hot AMG A35 which is powered by a 306hp, 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine. The Mercedes-Benz A-class will likely be priced in the Rs 32-40 lakh bracket (ex-showroom), with the souped-up AMG positioned much higher up the price ladder.

A-class by Opsule
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New Mercedes-Benz GLA launch in Q4 2020

Coming in Q4 2020, the second-generation Mercedes-Benz GLA aims to build on its predecessor’s success with a more upright stance and muscular styling on the outside and more tech and space inside.

GLA by Opsule
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The Mercedes-Benz GLA will be offered with petrol and diesel engines, and will be positioned at “a price-point of Rs 40-odd lakhs,” confirmed Iyer. A more potent, and more expensive, AMGbranded GLA 35 with 305hp could be on the cards as well.

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