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Nokia to launch PureBook laptops on Flipkart soon

Nokia was recently said to have got some new devices certified on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) website. These new devices could be laptops that will bear the Nokia branding. Now, Flipkart is teasing that these laptops will be called Nokia PureBook. Nokia’s laptops are coming soon to India but there is not a date confirmed for the launch yet. Most likely, Nokia could be targeting a December-end timeline to debut its laptops for the new year in India.

Nokia PureBook laptops

Flipkart is teasing that the Nokia PureBook laptops will be “lightweight, powerful, and immersive.” Nokia PureBook laptops might also come with thin bezels, making the watching experience “immersive” as marketed by the teaser. Nokia laptops could come with up to 1080p screens. But what about the term “powerful”.

Nokia to launch PureBook laptops - Opsule blog

The second adjective Flipkart has teased does recount a few bits from the BIS listings. It was spotted that the Nokia device models will be nine in number, five of which are going to be powered by Intel Core i5 processors and four of them by the Core i3 processors. These could belong to Intel’s 10th-generation Comet Lake series of Core processors. While Nokia has not confirmed anything, these do seem accurate at this point.

The Nokia PureBook is said to come with at least 8GB of RAM under the hood, along with SSD storage. There could be options for mechanical storage, as well. Nokia might even go for hybrid configurations for storage, comprising both SSD and HDD standards. We can expect the Nokia PureBook to have other features, including a webcam, USB ports, and even Thunderbolt ports. But nothing is confirmed right now.