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WhatsApp web and desktop now support video and voice calling

WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messengers that also let users connect via video and voice calls. The app lets users make a video or voice call that can either be an individual and group. The app also has a desktop client and a web version that lets users connect through a computer. The good thing is that those two features are now accessible via desktop too.

As per reports, WhatsApp for desktop and web browser have started beta testing audio and video calls. The feature has appeared only for select random users suggesting that it is an early beta release. The icon for video and voice call is visible at the top and next to the search icon.

The process of placing the call is very simple and the same as it is on smartphones. The first step is to choose the contact you want to connect with and then click the relevant call type. The PC versions show a small window for the calling interface that can be moved around the display as per the user’s convenience. The window shows the contact’s name and displays a picture which is also visible when you are receiving the call.

WhatsApp web audio and video calls are limited to a few users for now. It is hard to say when it will be released widely but whenever the team decides to do so, we will let you know about it.