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iPad Pro with OLED displays could come in 2021

Apple is tipped to launch iPad Pro models with OLED display panels in 2021. The claim has been made by a South Korean publication The Elec and goes on to talk about the possible developments. The new report is in addition to a previous claim where Apple is said to be developing iPad Pro with min-LED displays.

iPad Pro with OLED displays

It is important to note that Apple is not said to pick one display panel tech over another. There is a possibility that the iPad Pro with mini-LED display panels will arrive in the first half of 2021. As for the iPad Pro variants with OLED displays, these are expected to arrive sometime around the second half of the year. Either way, Apple will be making a switch from the currently used LCD panels and move to a panel with higher brightness and better power efficiency.

iPad Pro with OLED displays could come in 2021 - Opsule blog

Another important to note is that the OLED iPad Pro launch could get delayed depending on the scalability of the mini-LED display models. It seems like if there are units in huge numbers, the OLED variant launch could get postponed. It is undoubtedly an important change for iPad users as the benefits of an OLED panel would benefit users.

For OLED panels, Apple would be using panels made by Samsung and LG. These panels are known for having a lower probability of burn-in issues. But as reports have started to emerge, we can expect more details to emerge in the future.