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Moto G8 Power Review

The biggest pain point with a smartphone is the battery life. Motorola’s Moto G8 Power looks to squash in one very simple way, giving a massive-great battery into the handset to give it truly epic battery life.

That was the mantra of the G7 Power before it, a phone that we thought was relatively unbeatable for its price point. The follow-up model expands a few specifications, adding multiple cameras, a higher-resolution screen, and a punch-hole front camera into the mix.

Moto G8 Power by Opsule Blog
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Most budget smartphones sport a basic plastic frame to keep costs low, and Motorola doesn’t buck that trend with the G8 Power. That shiny finish will scratch up a storm over time, but at least you get a simple transparent cover shoved in the box to help keep it looking good.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this blower is also a proper handful at 6.4-inches and almost 200g. Even with fairly skinny bezels surrounding that screen, the Power would be a struggle to use one-handed without a bit of help.

Thankfully Motorola has thrown in a desktop-shrinking one-handed mode, while you can also drag down the notifications bar by swiping that rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

Moto G8 Power by Opsule Blog
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Good news if you live here in Blighty, too. The Moto G8 Power is IP52 splash resistant, so you can happily use it out in the middle of a rainstorm.

The G8 Power is a dependable little device for keeping you amused. That 6.4-inch IPS display is typically bright, with poppy colours and a crisp Full HD+ resolution. Those dinky selfie dot has been pushed away in a corner, so it barely intrudes even when you’re enjoying some fullscreen Netflix action.

Like many affordable mobiles around the £200 mark, the Moto G8 Power has a Snapdragon 665 platform stuffed inside. Performance is pretty smooth on the whole, helped along by the 4GB of memory, although the occasional awkward pause does crop up, usually when least desired.

The biggest draw of Moto G8 Power is, of course, the enormous battery stuffed inside. You’re once again gifted a mighty 5000mAh capacity cell, just like last year’s G7 Power.

Moto G8 Power by Opsule Blog
Image Credits > Xiaomist

On the back of the Moto G8 Power, you’ll find a fresh quad lens camera setup, comprising a 16MP primary shooter, 8MP ultra-wide lens, 8MP telephoto lens, and finally a 2MP macro lens.

Motorola has crammed in plenty of bonus modes too, with the portrait feature, in particular, doing a great job of helping your subject to stand out. And the 16MP selfie camera is fine for a bit of Insta action, as long as you once again avoid strong backlighting or murky environments.

Moto G8 Power Pricing

If you’ve got a budget of around £200 then this a great choice, it’s good across the board, with an excellent battery, and a good screen. The camera is decent and very versatile, while performance matches that of other phones in the same price bracket.