Highest paying Tech Jobs in 2020 by Opsule

Top 10 highest paying tech jobs in 2020

The Information Technology(IT) sector is booming now. Tech jobs are a great way to stay safe, as many can be done from home. Many top companies are looking for new talent.

In the current technology dominated the world, Tech Jobs are ever-increasing in various lucrative fields ranging from Data Analysis to Machine Learning to Cloud Development, and so on.

Most of the tech growth is happening in cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Augmented and Virtual Reality, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Robotics, etc.

So it’s obvious that the highest paying IT jobs are those relating to these technologies in some way or the other. we’ve pulled together a list of the Top 10 highest paying tech jobs in 2020.


Top 10 highest paying tech jobs in 2020

1. Data Scientist

Data Scientist is currently one of the highest paying tech jobs in 2020. Data scientists are analytical experts who utilize their skills in both technology and social science to find trends and manage data.

They use industry knowledge, contextual understanding, skepticism of existing assumptions – to uncover solutions to business challenges. The Data Scientist analyses complicated data to find common trends and patterns that eventually help in making more informed decisions.

This involves collecting the data from various sources, cleaning it to ensure accuracy and then using various data models and algorithms to analyze the data

Data Scientists need skills in statistical analysis, knowledge of programming languages such as Python, SQL, etc. as well as good data intuition and business acumen. The average yearly salary of a data scientist is $141,000.

2. Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions Architect

The IoT Architect leads the way through “the vision, strategy, architecture and shepherding of IoT solutions from inception to deployment.”

IoT can connect various devices over the internet that can eventually lead to smart homes, smart cities, etc. So it’s no shock that IoT Solutions Architect is a high paying job!

To understand IoT solutions, one should have strong programming skills, an understanding of Machine Learning, and knowledge of hardware design and architecture.

An IoT solutions architect is responsible for leading as well as participating in the activities around architecture and design, helping to develop an overall IoT ecosystem engagement based on the IoT Solution Framework, and translating business needs into solution architecture requirements.

IoT Architect is currently one of the highest paying tech jobs in 2020. The average yearly salary of an IoT solutions architect is $133,000.

3. Big Data Engineer

A Big Data Engineer is a person who creates and manages a company’s Big Data infrastructure and tools and is someone that knows how to get results from vast amounts of data quickly.

A Big Data engineer plans to design and manages the entire lifecycle of large-scale developments and deployments of Big Data applications.

one should have skills in strong programming, Data visualization, Understanding Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL, as well as data warehousing technologies and also excellent communication skills.

Big Data engineer is currently one of the highest paying tech jobs in 2020. The average yearly salary of a Big Data engineer is $133,000.

4. Software Architect

A software architect is an expert-level software developer who communicates with businesses and clients to design and execute solutions with a team of software engineers. A software architect makes executive software design decisions. They often act as a designer, developer, and communicator.

They optimize the development process by making design choices and dictating technical standards such as coding, tools, and platforms. As part of their role, they identify a customer’s requirements and perform hands-on work to develop prototypes.

Software Architect needs good programming skills and strong analytical skills.

Software Architect is currently one of the highest paying tech jobs in 2020. The average yearly salary of a software architect is $130,000.

5. Blockchain Engineer

BlockChain is a newer invention in the world! It is a relatively recent concept that uses records (or blocks) linked using cryptography. The BlockChain Engineer develops and implements digital solutions using the BlockChain technology.

So the system architecture, decentralized applications, etc. can be constructed by BlockChain Engineers.

Some of the skills required for a BlockChain Engineer are a thorough knowledge of various technologies that are used in Bitcoin, Ripple, Etherium, etc. as well as analytical skills and attention to detail.

BlockChain Engineer is currently one of the highest paying tech jobs in 2020. The average pay for a BlockChain Engineer is $130,000 per year.

6. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer is not a clearly defined role. It could refer to someone on the development team taking part in the deployment and network operations, or to someone from the operations team working on application development

It is a set of practices that can speed up the building, testing, and releasing of software by automating certain processes.

Some of the skills required for a DevOps Engineer are good coding and scripting skills as well as knowledge of DevOps tools such as Gradle, Git, Jenkins, etc. Also, knowledge of Linux or Unix system administration is required.

DevOps engineer is currently one of the highest paying tech jobs in 2020. The average pay for a DevOps Engineer is $123,000 per year.

7. Cloud Architect

Cloud computing allows the creation of ambitious and complex projects using the best datacenters in the world at low costs. With the popularity of cloud computing, comes the Cloud Architect.

The Cloud Architect manages the cloud computing strategy of an organization which includes cloud management, cloud application design, cloud architecture, cloud deployment models, etc.

Some of the skills required for a Cloud Architect are the knowledge of an operating system such as Linux, Unix, etc, knowledge of cloud computing services, cloud security, etc.

Cloud Architect is currently one of the highest paying tech jobs in 2020. The average pay for a Cloud Architect is $118,000 per year.

8. Full-Stack Developer

It is difficult to pin down a definition for a full stack developer, but the closest description would be someone who is well-versed in both front-end and back-end development or someone with skills in every stage of development.

Regardless of the variety of definitions, 2017 saw more demand than ever for these professionals.

Some of the skills required for a Full Stack Developer are the basics of database technologies, web development, API development, etc. Also, knowledge of various technologies such as AngularJS, MongoDB, Node.js, etc is required.

Full Stack Developer is currently one of the highest paying tech jobs in 2020. The average pay for a Full Stack Developer is $110,000 per year.

9. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer develops, manages, and oversees AI initiatives within an organization. Some say it will soon rival data scientists in need of skilled professionals.
An AI engineer should have a deep knowledge of mathematics and statistics

Some of the skills required for an AI Engineer are knowledge of languages used for statistical computing is required such as Python, R, etc. as well as technologies in the domain of AI such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Statistical Learning, Neural Networks, etc.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer is currently one of the highest paying tech jobs in 2020. The average pay for an Artificial Intelligence (AI) engineer is $110,000 per year.

10. Product Manager

Product managers, not to be confused with project managers, are an essential part of any business in technology. A product manager is responsible for determining the strategy and team member coordination in relation to a product build.

Product managers not only define who will work on a project but also help their team to define the scope of the project and the milestones during the engineering process. This role is essential for product development from conception to launch.

Some of the skills required for a Product Manager are a detailed understanding of the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and knowledge of product management tools like Asana, PivotalTracker, JIRA, etc. Other soft skills needed are communication and time management skills.

Product Manager is currently one of the highest paying tech jobs in 2020. The average pay for a Product Manager is $100,000 per year.